The TFP to end it all...

So as promised here is the final in the Trade for Print series of blogs.
I've outlined how to maximize the TFP shoot. Viewable HERE
I've showed some of the types of Trade requests to avoid. Viewable HERE
In this blog post I'm going to share my criteria for TFP shoots.

To keep this an easy read lets get into it.

  • Must have a professional Portfolio / Website. This shows a level of commitment and investment to a creative career. It also helps weed out the inexperienced that are looking to just build their portfolio, I have packages available for that.
  • Has to have a strong social media presence and at least 3000 followers. Once again it shows a level of engagement and the idea of putting yourself out there.
  • Must have at least 3 professional references. This one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Must provide at least 2 of the following criteria Location, Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup. This helps to even out the time investment... For photographers there's prep for a shoot, the shoot, and after the shoot there's retouching. For models once the shoot is done the list ends at the shoot.
  • Images must not be resold in any fashion. OK, this one is a bit more fluid than the rest, if you have the proper releases and compensation agreements by all means make money. Its simply to avoid one party profiting from the labor of another with no means for compensation.

And there it is, it's that simple. Work with people with a professional outlook, create beauty.
There's a vast difference in the outlook and action of those that want to win and those that just do it for fun.
Make sure you act accordingly.