The Best You


I don't alway advertise all the types of photography that I do. Some markets are more fun than others, some are more profitable, but, in general photography has two main uses that these various labels fall under.

First there is Personal Photography, things such as family portraits, boudoir, weddings, engagements, 1st Birthday etc.
The type of images created for these sessions hold little value to anyone not directly involved with the session.
They are created to preserve a memory, continue a legacy, or to hold a moment in time.

Inversely there is Commercial Photography, which ecompasses the likes of real estate, business headshots, fashion, glamour, and the list goes on and on.
The general idea is that commercial photography is to help sell a product or idea. 

To further illustrate.
Families for instance typically want the same types of photos, sunny, warm, with everyone appearing to love each other. 
While real estate agents want a half body or headshot that says friendly, yet powerful.
While many of the elements for creating these types of images are the same the intended use is vastly different.

But when it's all said and done I love portraiture.
Maybe more so than any other photographic form, no matter the application, whether personal or professional I enjoy showing someone at their best.

i'd love to hear from you. If you've ever considered professional portraiture feel free to contact me and set up your consultation. It only takes a few minutes and the consultation is free.

If you're an aspiring model make sure you sign up for our event on October 13th
It's a wonderful opportunity to build a portfolio and network with like minded creatives.
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As always, Create In Clarity