What Does Your Photography Say About You?

My passion is creating dynamic magazine quality images, that not only spark interest, but are immersive for the viewer.
It's important that each image tells a part of the story and also elicits emotion.

This photo was part of a series for a competition by Kristoff Cigars.

The above image for instance allows the viewer to imagine, the poker night with the guys, the dimly lit cigar bar, and perhaps even the convertible waiting out front.

A few simple elements create a narrative of luxury, elegance and adventure.

Another example is the following image.

You can almost hear the fingerstyle and light crooning as you sip your latte.

The truth is it was one of his senior portraits.
He's played guitar for several years, and it's not just a part of his life, it's a part of who he is.
His passion for music is how other describe him, and it's the filter with which he views the world

From a senior Portrait session.


Beyond personal use photography has vast professional applications.

Thanks in large part to social media, business are more connected and more visible than ever.

Even things like the local real estate office have Facebook pages.
Is it to show their best selfies or Friday nights bowling hijinks, probably not.
But it does show that imagery is everywhere, and often it is how we sell ourselves.

The following image is just another example of how the world can view you.
It's modern, vibrant, and trusting. Perfect for a young doctor kick-starting her career in pharmacology. 

A Headshot for Dr. English during her Residency Application 

These are but few examples of whats possible with professional photography.

Take a moment and think, what does your photography say about you?

Is it professional, elegant and showing who you are intrinsically?

Is it helping you close the sale?

Are your interests accurately portrayed?

Does it show a little bit of who you are?

Or is it easily forgotten?


To quote one of the most well know photographers of all time.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
— Ansel Adams

It cant be any other way.
You make memories, you make investments in your interests, education, and career.
All of these things make... well... you.

So make sure that the way others are seeing you is making a positive impact.


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