Introducing The Black And Glass

The Black And Glass Boudoir

While the kids are away the adults will play.
After months of preparation I am proud to officially announce the launch of The Black and Glass Boudoir.

The Black and Glass Boudoir is the intimate extension of Glass Avenue. Creating dynamic and compelling boudoir photography.

The vision remains much the same, to create in clarity. The experience is tailored to your level of comfort so whether that is geek or chic the Black and Glass boudoir has something for you.
Boudoir Portfolio found HERE

The offerings are as follows:

  • The Princess. Is the classic boudoir package with soft colors, lace, and a bright airy flow. Sensual

  • The Mistress. Has a hint of kink. Leathers, masks, and latex. Seductive.


The Diva. This is the full Glamour inspired boudoir experience. it's the bright lights and vibrant colors of vegas nights. The RockStar.